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About the event

Event "BHive" is being organized in Coimbatore by Exterro as a springboard to this very purpose. Slated to be held during this Winter (Q4) year, the platform will stage and showcase promising, technical and entrepreneurial ideas to be presented by students with big dreams . After intense brainstorming, ,deserving presentations will be rewarded with attractive cash prizes and open windows in terms of career prospects.Eminent technologists, Industry players will be present and share their views on industry and the road to future . Every effort is being made to scale up the event in terms of quality and substance. The event will also be an occasion for the students to witness and listen to emerging business trends and technology advancements.

About the Company

Exterro, Inc., the U.S. based global enterprise software company with operations in Coimbatore, caters to the legal requirements of corporate giants around the world. Exterro is organizing the advanced technology business plan competition- BHive 2.0, aiming to carve and change the entrepreneurial scene for engineering and management.

This challenge aims those students who have an entrepreneurial drive and a penchant for creative solutions to real life problems. This challenge mainly focuses on empowering young, talented individuals to showcase their entrepreneurial skills, by giving them an opportunity to interact with industry leaders and learn by experience. Winners will be rewarded with a cash prize.


 Artificial Intelligence

1. Active learning classification System
A continuous machine learning system that adapts to user input and learns decisions on the go - NLP focused.
Task to be done by the ML system: Document classification.
Success criterion - achieve >95% recall and precision with the least number of documents labeled by user
2. Identity mapping system
Comb through unstructured text to identify attributes that belong to a particular identity(person/group).
Challenges to solve are:
  • Understanding what personal information is
  • Understanding whose personal information that is
  • Disambiguating attributes and the identities they refer to.
3. Information Retrieval System
Extract the specific attributes from a document/record that are important to the user. Example: If a contract document contains the information like "This contract is valid from 20/3/18-20/3/19" then the data extracted should be that: "contract_extraction_date = 20/3/18 contract_expiration_date = 20/3/19"
4.Identification of Content Context
Identification of context in conversations/documents and mapping the flow of information through time and the topics related to it.


1. Decentralized storage of files
Design a robust, scalable and failproof storage system with comprehensive security and least latency.
2. How blockchain technology addresses problems associated with 'Data Privacy'?
Can blockchain technology help global organizations to address GDPR, CCPA problems? Briefly explain

 Data Privacy

1. Digital identity verification and authentication
Design a robust and foolproof solution for verification of digital user identities in the enterprise or consumer space
2. Data Residency and flow
A solution to identify the data flow across different geographic regions and alert the organization if the data is not compliant with the protection law across regions. This should also restrict unintended access from other locations.
3. How do Pseudonymization, Anonymization, and De-identification help Data Privacy?
How does Pseudonymization, Anonymization, and De-identification help global organizations to address GDPR, CCPA problems

  Big data / Machine Learning

1. Near-Duplicate Detection
Design Fast, scalable and robust solution to detect near-duplicate documents from a huge data set
2. Detect duplicate document in a huge dataset
Design Fast, scalable and robust solution to detect an exact match (duplicate) document from a huge data set
3. Pattern Changes Identification
Design a solution to predict the Pattern of Behavior/Content Changes on a document set
4. Document Checker/Validator
Suggest a solution to identify if the document is valid based on the rules specified for it. Suggest a system designed to train and validate the document rules and provide the identification result.
Example: Branding, Contract documents, etc
5. Chatbots - Automatic user engagement platform
Design a system that automatically responds with an answer to the user’s questions based on the knowledge base.

Rules and Regulation

1. There can only be two members per team.
2. Any number of teams can participate from a college.
3. For the Selection process, we expect students to submit a idea in PPT/DOCX format.
4. Ideas should be fresh and original
5. The selected teams will be intimated once the event date is published in Winter (Q4) 2019. They alone will be participating in the direct finals of BHive2.0 @ GCT,Coimbatore.
6. The students can have maximum of 10 minutes to complete their presentations.
7. Idea's submitted after the specified deadline will not be considered.
8. Cross-college teams are NOT allowed.
9. Final and pre-final year students (BE, ME, MCA,M.Sc,M.Tech,M.E) are eligible to participate in this event.
10. Exterro reserves the rights to modify the IDEA's presented for BHive2.0 and make it available to public in any format.
11. Team with workable demo's are most preferred.
12. If the team performed well in presentation with workable demo, they will get a chance to work with Exterro. For this seperate process will be followed in Tidel Office Premises.

Venue and Contact Information
Exterro Location in India
  • Exterro R & D Private Limited,
    104,Tidel Park,Villankurichi Rd,
    Coimbatore - 641014

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